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Style with a conscience.

Écologie by AWDis, are on a mission to build a better future for our planet without compromising on style.

We are excited to bring you their unique new range of sustainable t-shirts, sweatshirts and knitted sweaters in a range of colours and finishes, all created from ecologically friendly cotton sources.

Combining sustainability with fashion, they have carefully designed their collection so that it not only makes you look good, but also makes you feel good about how our products are made.
Regenerated cotton yarn is derived from cotton waste from the cutting room, which is normally destined for landfill. Instead, they have a dedicated and highly trained team who collect and sort the offcuts (or ‘clips’) by colour, ready to start the journey to become an Écologie garment. Once colour sorted, the clips are shredded down, mixed with polyester, and then spun into yarn, ready to be knitted and woven.
Take at their fabulous brouchure and environmentally friendly garments here :

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